Dr. Xiang-Sheng Wang

Department of Mathematics
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 63701

Office: JH 203
Phone: 573-651-2803
Email: xswang@semo.edu

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Research Interests


  1. X.-S. Wang, Asymptotics of delay differential equations via polynomials, Asymptotic Analysis, accepted.
  2. B. Costa Lima, M. R. Grasselli, X.-S. Wang and J. Wu, Destabilizing a stable crisis: Employment persistence and government intervention in macroeconomics, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 30 (2014), 30-51.
  3. X.-S. Wang, D. He, J. J. Wylie and H. Huang, Singular perturbation solutions of steady-state Poisson-Nernst-Planck systems, Physical Review E 89 (2014), 022722.
  4. X. Shi, X.-S. Wang and N. Reid, Saddlepoint approximation of nonlinear moments, Statistica Sinica (2013), accepted.
  5. D. Dai, M. E. H. Ismail and X.-S. Wang, Plancherel-Rotach asymptotic expansion for some polynomials from indeterminate moment problems, Constructive Approximation, DOI 10.1007/s00365-013-9215-1.
  6. X.-S. Wang and J. Wu, Periodic systems of delay differential equations and the dynamics of avian influenza. (Russian) Contemporary Mathematics. Fundamental Directions 45 (2012), 32-42.
  7. X.-S. Wang, H. Wang and J. Wu, Traveling waves of diffusive predator-prey systems: disease outbreak propagation, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A 32 (2012), 3303-3324.
  8. X.-S. Wang and J. Wu, Seasonal migration dynamics: periodicity, transition delay and finite-dimensional reduction, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 468 (2012), 634-650.
  9. X.-S. Wang, J. Wu and Y. Yang, Richards model revisited: validation by and application to infection dynamics, Journal of Theoretical Biology 313 (2012), 12-19.
  10. X.-S. Wang and R. Wong, Asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials via recurrence relations, Analysis and Applications 10 (2012), 215-235.
  11. X.-S. Wang and J. Wu, Approximating periodic patterns and dynamic threshold for patchy model of migratory birds with delay, Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly 19 (2011), 275-292.
  12. X.-S. Wang and R. Wong, Global asymptotics of the Meixner polynomials, Asymptotic Analysis 75 (2011), 211-231.
  13. X.-S. Wang and R. Wong, Uniform asymptotics of some q-orthogonal polynomials, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 364 (2010), 79-87.
  14. X.-S. Wang, Asymptotics of the q-theta function. Communications in Mathematical Analysis 7 (2009), 50-54.
  15. X.-S. Wang and R. Wong, Discrete analogues of Laplace's approximation, Asymptotic Analysis 54 (2007), 165-180.

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