Natallia Gray, Ph.D.


           Office: 573-651-2012

"Professor Gray is an amazing economics teacher. I had always heard the Econ is one of the hardest classes to take. ProfessorGray really changed my outlook on that. You can tell just how passionate she is for this class. She involves everyone every class. She explains things very well and gives plenty of examples. I really love that she seldom uses Power Point - shows examples on whiteboard instead of reading from a slide. Although you do have to pay close attention to her accent, she is very understandable if you try. She expects students to do their fair share of reading and doing homework problems outside of class. Although the homework is lengthy, I can honestly say that the homework prepared me for the tests. Her tests are challenging, but nothing unattainable. Overall, professor Gray really taught the information well. I would take her class every semester if I could."

Microeconomics Principles Student, Fall 2017

"I just wanted to drop you a little email and let you know how much I enjoyed your class this past semester. I have never ever taken an econ course of any kind and you made it into something I could understand and actually enjoyed doing the work for! I had a great time learning from you, and really appreciate you taking time to make sure that I understood and figured stuff out myself. Thanks for an awesome semester!


Microeconomics Principlies Student, Fall 2014


“You used a lot of real world examples in class to help teach the material beyond what the textbook says. You encouraged students to speak up in class and made students feel comfortable discussing the material. You were approachable and open to student feedback. Improvements – none! You were a great teacher.”

 Introductory Macroeconomics Student, Summer 2013


“I just wanted to give my gratitude where I felt it was most deserved! You touch people in many ways whether your realize it or's kinda like the "invisible hand." Intermediate Microeconomics Student, Spring 2013


“Thank you for the wonderful class and an awesome final project party. I am inspired for the following semester after taking your class.”

Introductory Macroeconomics Student, Summer 2013 for University of South Florida [access here] for Southeast Missouri State University [access here]


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