IL-MO Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
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The goal of the IL-MO Regional  Undergraduate Mathematics Conference(Oct. 28, 2017) is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to present mathematical research projects and expository papers, to meet with more established mathematicians, and to network with their fellow students.

This year's One Day Conference will be held on the SEMO Campus,
Johnson Hall 200, Math Dept.

We will have one invited talk by Dr. Austin Mohr.

All other talks will be contributed by undergraduate students on mathematics-related topics. Undergraduate students at all levels are invited to discuss their work.  We will also provide a poster room for those who would like to display their work in a poster, whether they are presenting or not.  This conference is open to anyone interested in undergraduate mathematics. We hope to provide as many students as possible with the experience of giving mathematical presentations.

High School students are welcome to attend.

We are now calling for papers.
Deadline for registration is Oct. 23,  2017.

Conference Flyer